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CoolSculpting vs. Vanquish

CoolSculpting: what it is, how it works and costs

CoolSculpting is a treatment used to reduce localized fat, especially on the hips, thighs and stomach. A painless and non-invasive method that allows the reduction of fat through the cold, without the need for anesthesia and convalescence. Here’s how it works and if there are any contraindications.


The CoolSculpting is a non-surgical fat reduction, non-invasive treatment, which helps to reduce the accumulation of fat localized on specific areas of the body such as hips, thighs, tummy, arms, using the cold and without resorting to invasive procedures such as liposuction or liposculpture. A painless method that is performed without the need for anesthesia and does not require a period of convalescence. Thanks to this treatment it is possible to remodel the silhouette, going to act on the obstinate fat: often, in fact, it is necessary to associate to diet and constant physical activity, targeted treatments to eliminate those bearings or that cutaneous relaxation that just does not go away. So let’s find out what CoolSculpting is, how it is done, what the costs are and if there are any contraindications.

Coolsculpting: how this treatment is born

The CoolSculpting treatment, developed by ZELTIQ and introduced in Italy by Allergan , is a method based on cryolipolysis , an extraordinary discovery of two American scientists, Dr. Dieter Manstein and Dr. R. Rox Anderson of the Wellman Center for Photomedicine of the Massachusetts General Hospital of Boston. Their first work has shown that the subcutaneous fat cells are more sensitive to the effect of cold, compared to the rest of the surrounding tissues: subjected to controlled cooling for a certain period of time, these fat cells tend to shrink, with no effect on the skin.

Coolsculpting: how long, results and costs

The sessions of CoolSculpting last one hour for each area to be treated. If you have to perform the treatment on the hips, for example, it will take two hours, one for each side. The indicative cost is 600 euros per session, then the specialist, after a first meeting, to establish a plan based on the needs and the area to be treated: the cost could therefore be reduced if the sessions to be performed will be more numerous. In some cases a single session is sufficient to obtain appreciable results, but from two to four weeks it is necessary to obtain visible results and 3 months of treatment to stabilize the results: the time the body needs to eliminate dead fat cells.

What is the Vanquish and how does it work?

Vanquish is a new device designed to supply energy to tissues without damaging the skin or other structures. The form of the energy is by means of a radio frequency or non-invasive RF which is distributed through real-time monitoring. This allows changes to be made during the treatment in a safe way, providing the right amount of energy to treat effectively and without undue risk or complication.

Vanquish offers selected energy without any risk of overheating the skin, muscles or deeper structures and is approved by the FDA for soft tissue heating. In Europe, Vanquish is used for this type of treatment as well as to treat adipose tissue. Here, the FDA has not yet approved the use of Vanquish for the treatment of adipose tissue.

Scientific research has shown that when the RF waves are heated, the fatty tissues produce an undulating movement that heats the cellular tissue during the treatment (as shown in the graphic above), this causes the fat cells to have a ‘ Apoptosis’ or cell death. Then, the non-fat cells are absorbed by the body which makes the contour begin to show changes by reducing the fat without touching the body!

To say that the use of radio frequency can get rid of body fat may sound like something out of a futuristic movie, but although it seems fiction this technology is already available because with Vanquish, the energy of radio frequencies distribute and eliminate fat without having to touch the skin.

How does it work?

Vanquish works by eliminating fat cells. Directs heat to deep tissues without the need for skin and muscle to be too hot. The Vanquish fat reduction treatment is done by monitoring the radio frequencies to obtain the right amount, which means that better results are achieved and risks are reduced. After the fat cells are eliminated, they are absorbed by the body

Which is the treatment?

It is a non-invasive procedure. Many people even consider it relaxing. You only have to remain motionless while the necessary energy is distributed. The treated area will be completely uncovered during that time and there will be a small pillow that is used to absorb the sweat.

It is done with a machine that has panels in front of the area to be treated. The panels also have sensors that adjust the treatment for better results and fewer side effects. At the moment, the treatment is available for the abdominal area, back, sides and thighs.

In the area where the Vanquish machine is placed, the tissues are heated producing heat. The heat can be mild or moderate and feels as if you have a heating pad. Each session lasts about 30 minutes and takes between 4 to 6 weekly sessions to start getting results.

When preparing for treatment, the key is to drink plenty of water. The water will keep the patient hydrated and help make Vanquish treatment more effective, since water helps the body get rid of dead fat cells improving their results.

You can see that the device does not even touch the person. It is suspended over the orientation area to deliver the energy. As the energy is delivered to the tissues, they heat up. The Vanquish offers the feeling of a heating pad. So it’s very comfortable Some patients even comment that it is relaxing. What is not shown is that there is a thin pad that absorbs sweat. The energy is delivered only thirty minutes. So each session is only 30 minutes and there are 4-6 sessions needed to get the best results. These sessions are currently recommended in about a week apart.

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Sober Living in Houston Texas

Here at Taylor Recovery Sober Living in Houston Texas, our mission is to help our clients recuperate from substance abuse and see their “life gaining new meaning”. A key standard to fulfil this mission of employees and customers is the commitment to the service of the work and its implementation. At the level of our sober employees and our authorised consultants, meeting our customers’ needs is one of the top priorities in service. It is a well-understood fact in the world of recovery that assisting others not only makes the person who gets help good but also brings great benefits to the person who helps.


Our commitment to service is not limited to Taylor Recovery Center employees but extends to our customers as well. Like the experience of many people in active recovery, when you begin to experience freedom and recovery from addiction, a natural change can occur to seek out forms of retaliation or to participate in service work. One feature of the individualised recovery program our clients obtain at the Taylor Recovery Center to help them perform satisfactory service is the ability to work with a sponsor in a recovery program. Our clients are encouraged to include this in their recovery chart because of its life-changing impact. Sponsors can not only lead their sponsees all the way through a recovery program but also provide prospects to help others.


Another great feature of sober living in Houston Texas experience is that when our clients move for the first time, they meet a community of people from different backgrounds who are struggling for the common goal of rebuilding their lives and staying sober. 65-70 customers call Taylor Recovery home together with three employees on the spot. Our vibrant community of customers and employees warmly welcomes every new Taylor Recovery customer. Our customers will find it easy to make friends, and our community will find satisfaction in helping each other recover or in a simple everyday matter. The service that is expressed through sincere friendships and meeting the desires of others is of high valueto customers and employees in the Taylor Recovery Center.


Pet-Friendly Sober Living Competence


At Taylor, we understand that the unconditional love of a pet can be a true community as you move toward successful healing.


Also, research has shown that pets offer many advantages to caregivers, especially those who recover. Research has revealed that animals can calm, comfort and elevate their human companions. Pet owners who have fine relationships with their pets are constantly reporting a lower level of stress. The bond between the owner and the pet can also facilitate emotional healing and increased self-esteem.


Having a pet not only increases the friendship but also nurtures a healthy level of dependability between the two parties. Fulfilling the needs of pets allows for constant maintenance, which, when implemented, reinforces the work ethic, another important feature that becomes more acute in the recovery process. At Taylor Recovery, we strive to provide our residents with the comfort and services that permit the best atmosphere to grow in their healing.


Outpatient Program


The intensive outpatient program of the Taylor Recovery Center is one of the best in the homeland; and it is taken care by highly qualified and authorised staff. Our consultants are in continuous education and very competent in the treatment of people with recurring disorders.


The Taylor Recovery Center Outpatient Program provides flexible schedules that allow customers to fulfil their responsibilities at home, work or school. Our integrated approach includes yoga, acupuncture and meditation as part of group sessions. Customers and families of clients are intensively supported by passionate and personal advisors to help them recover. The intensive outpatient program includes a weekly multi-family group to assist families gain information and understanding of obsession as a disease. Individual counselling sessions that enable clients to develop their individualised treatment plans that may be harder to work within regular group sessions and individual sessions with our psychiatric specialist and drug management specialist.


At the Taylor Recovery Center, our objective is to take care of the entire person and provide our clients with life skills, education, coping strategies and relapse prevention strategies that enable them to keep up sobriety, live their dreams and experiences, and enjoy a satisfying life.

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