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You will have heard about the practice of Mindfulness and the benefits it brings to our lives.

But what is the practice of mindfulness? Basically, in making use of our human capacity to “remind ourselves” to be in the present.

Full attention is to stop, is to pay attention to our thoughts, our emotions, our sensations and the space that surrounds us, focusing on what we perceive, without judging whether they are correct or not.

This stopping and attending intentionally to the present moment allows us to connect with what is happening in our lives at a certain moment, instead of being, as is often the case, pending thoughts about the past or the future.

Practicing mindfulness in a habitual way gives us tools to manage our emotions, moods, attitudes, behaviors and thoughts from freedom and self-knowledge. You can join and search by typing “mindfulness classes near me” on search engine.


Helps reduce stress and anxiety

A hectic lifestyle can lead to stress, and over time can cause anxiety problems. Like meditation and yoga, it has been shown that practicing mindfulness immerses us in a state of calm and serenity that benefits our physical and emotional health.

Develop emotional intelligence

Attending intentionally our present moment helps us to know ourselves, to dive in our interior and to show ourselves to ourselves as we are, accepting ourselves and without judging ourselves.

Improve interpersonal relationships

With the practice of Mindfulness we can develop the ability to communicate our emotions appropriately and respond to the emotions of other people more assertively, from understanding, acceptance and empathy.

Reduces insomnia problems

A study from the University of Utah showed that the daily practice of mindfulness, or in other words, stopping, observing and consciously feeling our present helps us sleep better at night. Because people who practice mindfulness show good emotional management during the day, the moments prior to the conciliation of sleep tend to be more calm and peaceful, translating this into a more peaceful and restful sleep.

It increases the ability to concentrate

Because it is focused on the voluntary and deliberate training of attention, it has been shown that, carried out in a habitual way, this practice increases our capacity for concentration.

Increase creativity

Calming the mind and stripping it of worries allows us to connect with our emotions from a more harmonious place, increases sensitivity and leaves space for new ideas, allowing the flow and association of new and original images and concepts that usually produce unique solutions.

It benefits the enjoyment of the little things.

Connect with each day, each experience or each present moment allows us to enjoy every moment in itself and find the enjoyment even in the smallest details.

Increase productivity

The studies speak of a 20% increase in productivity in people who exercise mindfulness on a regular basis. The fact of reducing the number of stimuli and interruptions, and increasing focused attention and concentration leads to an increase in memory and reasoning and, therefore, in better work performance.

If you feel overwhelmed at work, if you are running, if you do not know where the time is going, or if you just need a short break, try practicing mindfulness, even for a couple of minutes a day. Make this practice a habit in your day to day and you will see how much you will benefit too.


What You Need To Know About Microblading

If you are one of those people who care about how they look before they step out of the house every morning, then you must have tried different eyebrows enhancement techniques. While most people had previously been going for eyebrow waxing, they are now opting for microblading which is the trending eyebrow enhancement technique in town. However, it is essential that you understand the process of every beauty enhancement procedure and this is not an exception when it comes to microblading so that you know what to expect. First, you should note that the process is only conducted by a beauty expert who has undergone microblading training to ensure that only the desired results are achieved without any complications.


Understanding the microblading procedure


Since this is a complicated process that is supposed to give long-term and effective results it is good to understand how the process works to know when complications arise.


You should bear in mind that the procedure involves incisions which can be painful. Although the person performing the microblading will have applied a numbing ointment, this may feel a little more uncomfortable than getting a regular tattoo. However, this form of discomfort should not scare you since the cuts are not too deep thus no severe pain is involved.


Scabbing is a normal part of the healing process


The healing process can take a couple of days, and you should expect some ups and downs. One of the setbacks you should expect is a light scabbing. Scabbing can make first-timers to freak out as once the scab falls off your skin looks pigmented but this is a part of the healing process, and the pigments usually disappear within a couple of days. Scabbing only appears for 5 to 7 days then disappear thus this should not a big concern given that the results will last for years.


Ointment healing vs dry healing


Dry healing may look a little bit worse during the healing process but results in more desirable crisps brows that looks better than ointment healing. Besides, dry healing tends to take longer than ointment healing. Remember that it is normal for your eyebrows to look patchy for a few days up to day 14. In case, the patching persists even after two weeks have passed that is abnormal, and you may have to apply skin care supplements.


Normal scabbing vs infections


While partial scabbing is a part of the healing process heavy scabbing should not occur. If your brows become heavily scabbed and inflamed, you could be developing an infection. Make sure that the infections are treated as early as possible since they could ruin your skin tone. Visit your stylist to have your brows checked so that you can take the best course of action.


Here are essential tips that you should remember after you undergo microblading

Avoid washing your brows and the surrounding areas after the procedure

Avoid sleeping facedown to avoiding your microbladed brows

Only touch your eyebrows with baby wipes

Avoid working out or direct sunlight that could make you sweat

Do not apply makeup or lotions on them

Do to pick or rub the scabs even if they are itchy

Avoid using any retinoid or skin care products without expert recommendation

In case you notice any complications, visit your stylist for a quick checkup so that you can take the best course of action as fast as possible.