How Many Days Will THC Stay In Your Hair If You Use Detox Shampoo

It’s not easy to turn your back to an activity that you enjoy doing. In fact, this is very true when it comes to smoking or ingesting weed. Some of you may be using it as a medicine, while others are purposely abusing it for various reasons. They use it to boost their appetite, sleep or as anti-depressant. I’m pretty sure that you are enjoying the high feeling it gives you, right? Are you even aware that these contain substances that are stored in your system? And then, what if you need to perform a hair follicle drug test?


I guess, you will later on look for detox shampoos – a very effective product that is specifically designed to beat the detection of prohibited drugs like marijuana. Indeed, this is available in the market today, but be very sure to pick the right brand. Do you really need to use such cleansing products? Well, this is optional, especially when you have other methods to use or have decided to abstain. Though, everybody knows that this is the hardest way.


Anyway, as an individual, who will undergo a hair follicle test, you have to know how long this THC will stay in your system. Actually, not even the experts can actually count the number of days this toxin can remain because every user has a different system. Considering also the factors that affect the length like the frequency and amount consumed. But you can still do something to beat a drug test as long as you are determined and willing to focus on this concern.


Type of Marijuana Users


To count the number of days the toxin will stay, the type of weed user must be determined as well. For example, look at the first-timer smokers, they have nothing to worry about as long as you will not use it again. But to be more certain, you may also use detox products. While the occasional users must do the cleansing because THC-COOH traces can still be detected.


Regular smokers should start abstaining and try all possible cleansing programs available. Using these special shampoos won’t be enough. Do regular exercises and eat nutritious foods. It is also recommended to take some vitamins as well. I suggest you to consult an expert for suggestions and recommendations.


As a heavy weed smoker, you are strongly recommended to stop and start cleansing solutions immediately. I know that this will not be easy. You may feel irritated and bothered without smoking. But if you are going to consider this medical exam, then make sure to do your best to pass the drug screening. More time and effort is needed to achieve a negative result. Therefore, be very sure to get the most effective and high quality detox products in the market. Read this and learn from the opinion of others regarding heavy smokers, who performed this lab exam.



Detox Shampoo

Actually, beating a hair follicle drug test is a real challenge. That’s why you have to use a detox shampoo to help you pass this medical exam. Remember that they needed to use your sample strands to screen the traces of drugs, especially THC. Therefore, you have to keep this clean and free from toxin. I know that using this product is doubtful. You are not always sure, if this is effective or not. So, you need to consider reading reviews to purchase the one that can help.


Keep in mind that this shampoo may only be used for cleaning or washing purposes. When the chemical is already in your shaft, you cannot easily get rid of it. You will have to abstain and wait for 3 months for this not to be detected.


However, there are also detox shampoos, which will not allow the detection of THC because it is going to cover it. When this happens, hair drug testing cannot detect this unwanted chemical because of that protective seal. Using this type of product would be very expensive, yet effective.


Hair Test for Marijuana


When the testing day comes, you may simply go to the doctor and they will be the one to cut hair strands, which should be very close to the scalp. They will need about 100 to 120 strands for screening purposes and it would be 1.5 inches long. If you shaved or if the collected specimen is not enough, then they will get some more from your armpit, leg, shin, chest and chin. Read https://blog.employersolutions.com/ask-the-experts-hair-drug-test-collections/ to know why the experts need that much sample.


They have to perform several procedures to make sure that they will achieve the most accurate result. The ELISA and the GC/MS are the methods that are usually done. After this, they will confirm it as negative, positive or false and with error.


Detection Based on Frequency


Going back to the question, “How many days will this unwanted chemical stay in your head?” let me remind you that no matter how hard you try using detox shampoos, if you will not stop ingesting or smoking marijuana, then detection time will not change. Again, these cleansing products may or may not be very helpful, depending on its brand, quality and how effective it would be.


The detection time of THC may be based on the frequency of usage. For a first timer, it will stay in your body for 5 to 8 days. While 11 to 18 days for occasional or 2 to 4 times a month of usage. This will be stored in your system for 23 to 35 days, if the usage is from 2 to 4 times every week. And then, using it regularly like 5 to 6 times every week would allow the storage to last for 33 to 48 days. Finally, daily and heavy weed dependents will have this in their system for 49 to 63 days.


But that’s not all because your specimen strands will be checked for traces that had been there for the past 3 months or even more. Therefore, make sure to start cleansing now.