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Conditions That Patients Experience Why They Are In The Emergency Room

Do you know that the busiest area in any hospital you will visit is the Emergency Room because patients are brought here at any time of the day? It only means that various services like the South Shore ER must be available 24 hours and there must be attending doctors, as well as nurses and other personnel to look after us. This is because we can never tell when we will get sick or when our illnesses will attack so going to these places are always unexpected.

We cannot foretell the future and sometimes our last hours or days may be in the hands of those doctors but they could be our savior, too. You should know that the medical experts who are in-charged in the emergency rooms are the toughest and smartest people in that hospital. They have to be alert at all times because patients come in different conditions and these will bring the experts to various situations that will challenge their skills and abilities.

When a relative brings her family member to the ER through an ambulance or private car, they often feel nervous so the medical experts will also need to keep them calm. Some of them are even crying or shouting because they don’t know what to do and they are just too worried for the patient. These are just the usual situations that you may experience or notice when you are in this area, but patients, they do not care anymore about what is happening because of their condition.


Someone bleeds – check out for more info, due to various reasons and some of these can be treated with first-aid, especially when it is just a small cut, wound, or scratch, while others need professional care. For example, when you got injured due to a vehicular accident, gunshot, or when someone stabbed you, then a medical expert must provide care because you may need laboratory tests, too.

By the way, if the bleeding is uncontrollable or too much blood was already lost, the wound looks deep, and when bone or tissue is visible, then first-aid won’t be enough. In these cases, you might feel dizzy or unwell and may even lose your consciousness. Therefore, the situation calls for urgency that’s why we have to be in the hospital for proper care and attention.

Breathing Difficulties

Some of you may have asthma or allergies but do not have an inhaler, nebulizer, or antiallergy medicines at home. When you find it difficult to breathe, don’t waste time and go to the hospital for treatment. Sometimes you may need oxygen support as well so don’t take the situation lightly and avoid doing activities that trigger your illness.

Some people may have other illnesses, too, that’s why shortness of breath or such difficulties are experienced. Aside from respiratory issues, they may have heart problems as well, so it is possible that the chest feels tight. Medical attention is needed in this scenario so you better call the nearest hospital as soon as possible.

Someone Collapsed

In most cases, first aid would be enough to treat a person who collapsed or fainted because you just need him to inhale ammonia. After that, this person will be conscious again but this is for mild cases only.

We still need to know why we fainted because there could be other reasons so a medical practitioner must assess us. It could be due to an illness that involves your blood or pressure, lack of sleep, and pregnancy to name a few.

Severe Pain

For mild pains, we just take pain relievers and we’ll be fine. However, some pains can’t be managed even after taking medicine – here is additional info on how your body responds to pain. So if this is already severe, then do not let yourself suffer from it and seek medical help.

The doctors in the ER will ask you where it hurts and depending on the location, you will be sent to the laboratory for testing. They may even inject an IV and give you a strong pain reliever to ease the pain.

Sometimes you are already suffering from an illness that you did not even know because you always thought it was just a simple pain. But it is still best to be checked and not to simply ask for medicine for better treatment of your condition.