What Is a Swivel Kingpin Caster in A Heavy-Duty Swivel Caster?

Swivel kingpin casters are an excellent option for hand-pushed applications because they can be rotated 360 degrees. In addition, the swivel kingpin allows the ball bearings to escape, resulting in less maintenance. This caster is also ideal for manual applications, such as pallets and boxes. If you need a reliable and durable caster for your hand-pushed needs, read this article!

Swivel kingpin casters are characterized by their ability to rotate in a full 360 degrees

While swivel kingpin casters are designed to provide complete rotation, they are not typically recommended for heavy towing applications. High-speed turning can reduce the kingpin’s capacity. In addition, an improperly designed kingpin can shear off under high-load conditions, resulting in the caster’s failure. It is important to select the correct type of kingpin when selecting casters considering the high loss cost.

The first defining feature of swivel kingpin casters is their ability to rotate in a full 360 degrees while under load. A kingpin is a ring that rotates around the center of the swivel section. In addition to swivel kingpin casters, swivel casters come with locking, plate, stem, and kingpin-less designs.

Swivel kingpin casters enable ball bearings to escape.

When determining whether your casters need to be greased or have a kingpin design, the best choice is a maintenance-free kingpin design. These casters are designed with a sealed ball bearing as the primary load-bearing, which provides excellent performance even after extensive use. This type of caster has been in use for over 15 years, and its advantages include tight tolerances, higher steel grades, and lower overall starting push forces.

The nut and bolt fastener on a kingpin is often worn out with frequent use, leading to wobbling rotation. As the nut and bolt wear, the kingpin becomes loose, and the ball bearings start to escape. Once the bolt loosens, the nut is set in the same fixed position on the kingpin as it was installed.

Swivel kingpin casters require less maintenance.

Traditional swivel casters are comprised of multiple pieces. The top plate, the kingpin, and the lower race and bearing all make up the swivel part. The kingpin is the central construction that transmits the force transmitted to the caster. Over time, this kingpin can become strained and weak, leading to problems such as caster instability and a higher failure rate.

These casters require less maintenance than traditional kingpin casters. Kingpin casters have fewer kingpins, resulting in a smoother rolling motion. They also require less maintenance, which means they will last longer. However, the kingpin carries the thrust load and is often the most vulnerable point to failure. Therefore, kingpin-less casters are usually recommended for powered towing applications.

Swivel kingpin casters are ideal for hand-pushed applications.

Swivel kingpin casters can be used in various hand-pushed applications, including construction sites. These casters have extended leads that reduce the pushing and pulling forces to a minimum. As a result, they are ideal for applications requiring manual labor, as they are easy to maneuver. Moreover, their larger size and harder rubber wheels make them more durable. Therefore, they are the best choice for heavy-duty hand-pushed mobility applications or for a heavy-duty swivel caster.

The maintenance-free swivel raceways eliminate the need for grease or zerks. The ball bearings seated on the raceways are exact. In addition, the upper and lower raceways are hardened and tempered to resist rusting. Tapered roller bearings on the top plate ensure even weight distribution. Swivel kingpin casters are also ideal for hand-pushed applications.

Swivel kingpin casters are not recommended for high-speed towing applications.

Traditional swivel casters can fail during high-speed towing or cornering, a common application for towing vehicles. This is because the kingpin absorbs the most stress during towing and can fail when the load reaches excessive force levels. This can result in a broken kingpin or deformed caster. These wheels are available in kingpin-less or standard configurations.

Power towing casters have tapered roller bearings in the wheel and swivel heads. These casters are recommended for speeds up to 7kph and can handle a considerable impact load. They are also recommended for use with Vulkollan(TM) tread wheels. Swivel kingpin casters are not recommended for high-speed towing applications.