4 Advantages of Dental Bonding

Chipping a tooth is an unpleasant experience, but almost everyone does it at some point. Before you think the worst, know that your dentist will likely use what’s called dental bonding. Dental bonding is a strong material used to quickly fill and repair teeth. If you’ve recently chipped a tooth, read on for more benefits of dental bonding.

Painless Application

Fixing a chip with cosmetic dental bonding Happy Valley is completely painless. Bonding is applied right over your natural tooth where it’s formed into shape. Once it’s in place and dried, the bonding is polished. Your tooth will be complete and no one will be the wiser.

Quick and Affordable

Another advantage of dental bonding is that it’s affordable. No one should have to live with a chipped tooth because they can’t pay for a repair, and bonding works beautifully. Bonding treatment is completed in only one visit at the fraction of what a crown or veneer would cost.

Natural Looking

Cosmetic bonding can be shaded to match the color of your natural tooth. It can also be used to specifically conceal discoloration of teeth. After the matched bonding is shaped, it’s then dried where it can be further trimmed to perfection.

Multi-Purpose Material

Besides chips, bonding is also used to fill small cracks and alter the appearance of misshapen teeth. In addition, it’s commonly used to close gaps between teeth and as an alternative to darker, amalgam fillings. Fillings created from bonding take longer to apply, but the natural appearance is worth it.

Preserves Your Smile 

Dental bonding is an affordable solution for minor chips, cracks and for creating less noticeable fillings. It’s an easy and painless procedure that will leave your tooth looking as natural as it did before, and in many cases better. Dental bonding is the perfect answer to preserving your smile for years to come.



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