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If you use dental braces, retainers, or dentures, which are all commonly referred to as dental appliances, it is important that you care for them properly. However, if you are unsure about how best you can keep any of your oral appliances clean, you are certainly not alone. Follow the tips outlined below to keep your oral appliances clean and healthy at all times.


Braces are also classified as dental appliances and your dentist will advise you to keep them clean to ensure your teeth remain healthy while you wear the braces. Food buildup could potentially expose your teeth to acids that end up destroying tooth enamel, which leads to the formation of cavities.

Brush Your Teeth Frequently

The most effective way to keep braces clean involves brushing after every meal. By ensuring your braces are without any food debris and clean always, you essentially protect the health and surface of your teeth while keeping your brackets and wires working properly.

Use the Appropriate Cleaning Tools

Flossing underneath and around braces can be difficult. While the process is difficult, it is necessary. Floss-threaders and Waterpiks are superb tools for clearing debris off your teeth. Your dentist may also recommend a soft and round-bristle toothbrush for cleaning braces, including the hard-to-reach areas.


With retainers, the objective is to keep the dental appliances bacteria-free and in excellent shape to allow your teeth to grow in the desired way.

Use the Appropriate Toothpaste

Your dentist will suggest that you clean your retainers with warm water and gentle, unscented soap. However, you may also clean them using non-abrasive toothpaste, which you can use to scrub your dental appliance gently to keep it clean and free of food debris. After scrubbing, you should thoroughly rinse the appliance with cold water.

Get a Fresh, Clean Toothbrush For Cleaning Your Retainer

Your mouth is filled with lots of bacteria and these can sometimes be transferred onto your toothbrush. Therefore, when you need to clean your retainer, it is advisable that you use a fresh, clean toothbrush that you never use to brush your teeth. Doing so ensures that your dental appliance remains bacteria-free and clean.

Do Not Boil the Retainer

Some people may resort to boiling retainers to keep them clean, but this only ruins the oral appliances. When you boil a retainer, you alter its shape, which makes it useless, meaning you’d need a replacement.

Storing Your Dental Appliances

You should remember the following if you would like to store your appliances properly:

  • Store all of your oral appliances in fresh and clean water when you are not wearing them
  • Always remember to rinse your appliance prior to wearing it
  • Make sure the storage container is empty, dry, and open

No matter the type of dental appliances you use, you need to take proper care of it to enable it to function optimally so that you reap the benefits of having a bright, healthy smile. If you would like more useful tips about caring for your oral appliances, schedule an appointment with your dentist today.

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