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Mini Implants in Fort McMurray

Are you experiencing some trouble with your regular dentures? Do you dream of having dentures that will not slip on your gum as you talk or eat? If the answer is yes, then dentures supported with implants are your best solution. This dental solution is commonly referred to as mini implants. What are mini implants? From the name, it should be obvious that mini implants are simply smaller versions of the traditional root implants. Dentures in Fort McMurray are fixed on these implants immediately or at a later date, depending on the individual and the healing that needs to take place. This kind of implant greatly relies on having a sufficient amount of support from the gum tissue.

As such, chewing is much more improved, but not to the level of having traditional implants installed. What are the mini implants for? Mini implants are used to provide adequate support to dentures in Fort McMurray. They are best for the front teeth. Additionally, they also prove to be useful in replacing the lost teeth from small spaces in the mouth – spaces where the regular dental implants cannot fit. Types of Dental Implants

As you consider having dental implants installed, you should be keen to choose the dental office in Fort McMurray you work with. It should be one with a great reputation that is run by a professional cosmetic dentist. The cosmetic dentist is bound to recommend the best implants for your teeth judging by the situation in your mouth and the results you would love to see. As you make the choice of the best dental office in Fort McMurray, you should bear in mind that there are varying levels of experience, knowledge and training among the dentists.

Implant Options:

Mini dental implants – These are basically small root form implants. They have a small diameter. The diameter of these implants is imperative to the success of the implants as a whole. The diameter of the mini implants is 3mm or less. Their placement is, however, similar to that of normal root form implants. The installation process is simpler in comparison to the installation of traditional implants. They are perfect in cases where there is a small area of bone to work with and when the cost of treatment is a concern for the patient.

Sub-Periosteal Implants – This is one of the earliest designs of dental implants. It is rarely used in the 21st century. It is basically a metal framework inserted under the gum and on the bone. Metal posts protrude through the gum to hold the dentures. Very few cosmetic dentists apply this procedure, owing to its invasive nature and the numerous problems that the procedure is associated with. Standard Root

Form Implants – These are the standard in the industry. All other implant options are compared to this. These implants are heavily researched and have been in use for over 50 years. Like the mini implants, they are installed directly into the jaw. The anchor formed acts as the base for the teeth. The root form implants require a sufficient amount of bone base, which is normally available, except in some special cases.


Mini dental implants are a great choice and they can last a long time. However, their longevity depends on several factors, including bone density, the volume of bone, the position, number of implants and the sex of the patient. Contact a professional cosmetic dentist if you want to review the feasibility of undergoing this option based on your unique teeth conditions and other factors.

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