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Teeth Whitening Procedures that Will Brighten Your Smile

Having white teeth is a standard that most people try to achieve. No one wants to have dingy, yellow or discolored choppers. People simply want to make sure that their smile looks its best. They simply want to other people to find them to be attractive and respectable. Dentists know that routine teeth whitening procedures will always be a part of their practice. As long as people want to brighten their smile, this service will always be in demand.


What Causes A Person’s Teeth to Become Discolored Over Time?


Teeth are bones. When a young child’s teeth start to come in, they are usually a bright white color. However, most people’s teeth start to erode once a bottle goes inside of their mouth. Many parents feed their children sweet, acidic and sticky juice without rinsing out their mouths when they are finished with his beverage. They also do the same thing with breast milk or infant formula. Quite a few parents will even leave bottles in a child’s mouth for a long period of time.


These bad habits start to ruin a child’s teeth when they are very young. Eventually, as a child gets older they will continue to carry out these bad habits. Eating lots of sugary sweet candy and snacks, drinking lots of soda (pop) and not brushing their teeth at all. You would be surprised at the number of children that will not brush their teeth on a regular basis.


As children become adults they might start drinking coffee, smoking cigarettes, overlooking dental appointments or simply refusing to maintain good oral health care. All of these different conditions help to discolor and wear away at a person’s oral condition. Even one clinic in Cleveland agrees with these findings. They also state that other factors are all responsible for this condition.


What Methods Do Dentists Use to Whiten a Person’s Teeth?


Dentist typically use a wide variety of methods and processes to whiten a person’s teeth. Some of the most common type of whitening procedures include teeth strips, whitening trays, whitening strips and whitening gels. Dentists also use bleaching agents to help transform a person’s smile. The Zoom method is an advanced form of bleaching.


Patients can also have laser treatments done to lighten up their teeth. Each of these whitening processes will help to improve a person’s smile over short period of time. There are several teeth whitening naples fl procedures that are available for treating patients. The American Dental Association even provides some insight into the whitening process that can help patients to make a more informed decision about procedures.


Expect Whitening Procedures to Take Time


Remember that most whitening procedures will take some time to complete. Keep in mind that a dentist will usually thoroughly clean and repair your teeth. Once they provide a thorough cleaning and they repair any damaged teeth (fill cavities, refit a chipped tooth, est.) they will then start the whitening process. This process usually takes between 3 to 6 months to see the best results. Dental patients will have to maintain good oral habits once the whitening procedure is completed.