Cannabis for Beginners

The continued decriminalization of marijuana in increasing numbers of states has many Americans wondering what all the drama’s about. You may be curious to try cannabis, but have no clue where or how to begin. Here are some pointers to start you on your journey into cannabis culture.

The Science Behind Cannabis

Before visiting a marijuana dispensary Chicago, you should know a bit of basic botany. The cannabis plant comes in countless strains, each with distinct concentrations of chemical compounds that determine the user experience. The main distinctions are between sativa and indica strains, and the compounds THC and CBD. THC is the main psychotropic substance that makes you high, while CBD provides marijuana’s soothing sensation. Sativa strains stimulate the brain, while indicas induce relaxing, even lethargic, effects on the body. Most strains are “hybrid”, being neither purely sativa nor indica, although one or the other will predominate. Dispensaries designate cannabis goods both by dominant strain and chemical concentrations, with staff available to discuss the properties of specific products.

The Art of Consumption

Cannabis can be taken in many ways, smoking being just one of them. Whether as a joint, in a bowl or a bong, smoking marijuana is the quickest, but also the shortest and least intense, means of enjoyment. A similar technique that’s gaining popularity is vaping. Healthier than smoking, the cannabis is vaporized instead of burned. Inhaling this vapor produces a purer high with less lung discomfort.

Then there are edibles. More than the classic brownies, modern marijuana-based merchandise includes all kinds of foods and drinks. Edibles are the easiest for newcomers in terms of effort, but the hardest for timing. Digesting cannabis takes longer over other methods, but the results are also much stronger and longer-lasting, so rookies must be careful how much they eat. However you do it, always consume responsibly and with respect for your state’s specific cannabis legislation.

With such abundant options, there’s never been a better time for exploring the world of marijuana. Bearing in mind the above information, you can stroll into your nearest dispensary with confidence.