Cannabis Users May Require Extra Aesthesia

Attitudes surrounding cannabis use are changing quickly and as it becomes more widely legalized it opens up opportunities for many scientists to begin the study of cannabis-based  additives and medical marijuana use. Regular marijuana use is not something that has been available for study over the long term but we are just beginning to see some preliminary reports on continued marijuana use and how it can affect other types of drug interactions.

Anesthesia Research

New studies have suggested that regular marijuana use could have a serious effect on the dosage of medications that are required for patients to receive sedation. In studying patients that are receiving endoscopic procedures, there were statistically significant differences in patients that regularly use marijuana when compared to non-users.

Cannabis users required 14% more fentanyl for sedation and 19.6% more drugs like midazolam. Most surprisingly, patients taking propofol required up to 220% more sedation  medication in order to complete the procedure. If you’re a recreational cannabis user or medical marijuana patient, you will want to let your doctor know that you regularly use marijuana before undergoing anesthesia.

What this means from a perspective of a doctor is that they will need to be able to adjust accordingly if a patient is regularly using cannabis products. If you leave your doctor out of the loop and you’re using cannabis regularly there’s a chance that you could wake up during a procedure or not receive enough anesthetic to manage during a procedure. Not letting your doctor know the full story could be leaving you open to hurt yourself or hurt somebody else.

Consider some of these top ideas if you are a regular cannabis user undergoing a procedure so that you can get the proper care.

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