Is It Time for Home Health Care Services?

Making the decision to bring in outside help to care for a loved one is difficult, but hiring home health care services can enable your loved one to stay in his or her home longer. Home health care can provide a range of services that keep your loved one independent while taking care of his or her needs.

There may be certain signs that you can watch for that will indicate it may be time to bring in help for his or her care.

Messy home

Aging Care explains that one of the first signs you will often have that your loved one needs help is a messy home. As a person ages, it becomes more difficult to get around and do those daily chores that keep a home tidy.

While some cobwebs in the corner or dirty dishes in the sink may not be a serious situation, in time, not keeping up with cleaning can lead to unsanitary conditions that put your loved one’s health and safety at risk. Consider how clutter could be a hazard for someone with mobility issues and you can see how this could happen.

Hygiene issues

If your loved one is having issues keeping him or herself clean, this is another sign that he or she may benefit from licensed home health care Mamaroneck NY. Not keeping up with hygiene can pose a health risk because dirty skin becomes irritated, which can lead to sores or rashes. A service can come in and assist your loved one with everyday hygiene activities, such as bathing.

Memory problems

Memory problems are perhaps the biggest warning sign. If your loved one forgets to put the groceries away or to turn off the stove, it can indicate a serious issue that requires more care.

You can schedule home health help to be there when you cannot so that someone is always watching over your loved one to prevent issues that could arise, such as fires.

Hiring home health care is beneficial to you and you’re your loved one. It ensures he or she stays healthy and safe, and it takes some of the strain off you.