Therapy is now just a click away with the Talkspace app

Talkspace is one of the most effective ways of expanding your online therapy practice by giving access to a bigger clientele through teletherapy. Talkspace helps in connecting patients to their respective therapists via text messaging and online chat, thereby abolishing the social stigma of mental health therapy and letting patients to visit you on their own terms. Individuals are allowed to sign up with Talkspace and businesses can also offer benefits to their employees via this therapy app.

A licensed therapist can sign up for the contract position with Talkspace, set the availability hours and meet new patients with the help of a smartphone, computer or tablet. Being a specialist, Talkspace will allow you to look for different therapies like LGBT sensitive issues, marriage counseling and other matters. You have to choose accordingly. How can Talkspace be the perfect platform for therapists? Here are few ways.

Flexible working hours with good quality care

This online counseling app platform Talkspace offers very high quality care for your mental health and the best part is that there is no demographic location and other considerations for them to offer help. You can do it from anywhere. Hence, if you’re a therapist who is looking forward to practice through this app, it can be extremely beneficial for you.

Earn added income by doing what you’re passionate about

Can you imagine that you’re able to earn up to $4000 in a month depending on the number of cases that you handle. The plans will also be chosen by the clients and therefore you will get to know the total amount that you can make through them.

You get growth and training opportunities

Even though you may not have the adequate training that is needed, you needn’t fret as they will allow you to complete this course through the Talkspace University. This way you can also boost your worthy while practicing and making money.

You get an expanded reach

Did you know that more than 70% of the Talkspace clients have never been a part of any therapy? Hence, don’t you think that this is even a better opportunity to reach out to maximum number of people in your state?

It is a supportive and dynamic community

Once you enter this community, you join more than 2000 talented and licensed therapists and counselors. This way you can become leaders together in the mental health industry.

So, being a therapist, it is always better to choose https://e-counseling.com/online-therapy/talkspace-review/. Go through their review before taking the plunge.