You Need To Know A Few Things before Your Brazilian Butt Lift

Brazilian butt lift surgery is one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries. You have got by now that this cosmetic procedure to reshape the body is highly satisfactory. An expert plastic surgeon can carve the well-defined, curvy volume butts that people want for their bottom. Dr. Gartner is a well-known surgeon for his most creative buttock fat grafting. He has treated a lot of folks with Brazilian butt lifts from New Jersey and NYC, but before starting the procedure, he needs to know the entire critical information about his patient.

The difference between a Butt Lift and an NYC Brazilian Butt Lift

The difference between standard butt lifting procedure and Brazilian butt lift or BBL is significant. Butt lift procedure is designed to eliminate the skin and modify the shape of the buttocks of a person by removing tissue. Those who qualify for the procedure usually lose the significant weight of their bodies. On the other hand, the Brazilian butt lift NYC is used to augment the size of a bottom by inserting a patient’s own fat into their bottoms. This process is also called fat grafting or autologous, it means that the fat that is inserted into your butts is only fetched from own your body. Usually, with liposuction, fat is removed from one or more areas from your body. Then, it is inserted into the buttocks via many small injections until the preferred shape is achieved. This grafted fat takes position and lives in the injected area and as a result, the patients obtain the smoother, curvier and larger buttocks shape than the past.

How does a BBL help a figure?

People who naturally have a small, flat or underdeveloped butt demand the most for Brazilian butt lifting procedure. If they have a larger middle belly, it’s a straightforward way to turn the body into an hourglass shape by consciously eliminating weight and then reinjecting fat strategically. Sometimes, simple relocation of a person’s body fat can make a person incredibly slim, while also help fit their clothing more efficiently.

Pros of a Brazilian butt lift

The Brazilian butt lift procedure is known to be relatively safe and low risk besides giving an hourglass figure. The most advanced micro-droplet technique is used with small cannulas for spreading fat cells across the buttocks. There is a significantly lower risk in the butt lift than butt implants because we do not use synthetic implants but rather use your own body fat.