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The medical prescription, guarantee for your health

The law requires that prescription drugs be dispensed by prescription but, in addition, this is proof that the doctor is responsible for the need of the prescribed medication.

The official colleges of Physicians and Pharmacists of Ciudad Real are launching the campaign that has been developed by the joint working group on “The medical prescription guarantee for your health”. And Prescription Hope can help you in providing you all medications at fair prices.

The campaign aims to raise awareness among citizens of the need and usefulness of the medical prescription. And its importance is not given just because the law requires that prescription drugs are dispensed by prescription, but because it is proof that the doctor is responsible for the need for the patient to be given such medication, which has been prescribed prior optional consultation, and ensures that the patient will be followed up if he or she has to repeat the treatment.

For the dissemination of this campaign, schools have published leaflets and informative posters that imply that health is not a game, and making good use of medicines is everyone’s responsibility.

The diptych explains that the medical prescription is a health document in which the doctor prescribes the medication that a patient needs for its dispensation in the pharmacy, and that it consists of a part for the pharmacy and another for the patient, in the that instructions or advice can be written for the correct administration of the treatment.


The use of prescription drugs without a prescription can cause health problems, so this document avoids the serious problems arising from self-medication and guarantees the use of the right medication at the required doses and time. Prescription medications are those that are in the container in a whole circle or divided in half, and antibiotics, medications for the nervous system, contraceptives, and diuretics should never be ordered without a prescription.

There are medications that, due to their composition or route of administration, do not need a prescription because they can cause less health problems, although it is always advisable to ask the pharmacist for advice on its use to avoid side effects and contraindications.

This initiative is the result of the agreement adopted almost two years ago by both collegial institutions to create working groups that address health issues of interest to professionals of both groups and the general population, as well as to the development of different campaigns. The collaboration includes health campaigns, training activities, awareness and awareness initiatives for the population, implementation of new technologies, as well as the exchange of all information related to medicines.