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Top 5 essential oils & natural spice oils exporters in India

Plant based extracts such as essential oils and natural spice oils have been a part of Indian ethos since time immemorial. Our country is home to above 45,000 plant species which is the biggest treasure trove gifted to us by nature. Extracts from each of these plants have been of immense use in the fields of ancient Indian medicines for their incredible healing prowess.

Not only in India but also the international market has now opened up to these products. As the world is increasingly turning towards alternative medicines and therapies, the essential oils and natural spice oils are finding a firmer ground. India being blessed with the largest variety of plants is one of the major essential oil and natural spice oils exporter.

The biggest strength of the essential oils exporters in India and natural spice oils suppliers in India is that they are mostly family run businesses and own some of the exclusive formulations and techniques for extracting essential oils and natural spice oils that are inaccessible by any outsider. Now let us take a look at some of the major players in this industry:

Shiv Sales Corporation

One of the major essential oils exporters in India, Shiv Sales Corporation exports their products to countries like Canada, USA, Europe and some Gulf countries. With consistent hard work and passion to excel in their product offerings their contribution to the Indian essential oil industry has earned them a membership in Essential Oil Association of India (EOAI) and Fragrances & Flavors Association of India (FAFAI). They specializes in Natural Oils and Fragrances that are widely used in cosmetics, skin care products, bath essentials and as natural insect repellent.

Arjuna Natural Extracts

Arjuna Naturals is another name to be reckoned with when it comes to India’s leading manufacturers of botanical extracts. The company was founded in 1989 and exports their products to almost forty countries all over the world. They cater to the nutraceutical and pharmaceutical industries in India and international market. Essential oils comprise of one segment of their product offering which has a profound hold on the market contributing a substantial share of their revenue.

Surajbala Exports

Incepted in the 2002, Surajbala Exports have garnered a lot of name and fame for itself in the market of essential oils and natural spice oils. With an extremely capable team, excellent infrastructure and exhaustive supply chain, the company is spreading its web all across the country. They specialize in herbal cosmetics, skin and hair care products, ayurvedic medicines and essential oils. With consistence hard work they have launched some of their signature products that have given them a unique winning edge. At present, they are poised to be one of the major essential oils and natural spice oils manufacturers and exporters in the market.

Indian Spice Oil Industries

A relatively new kid on the block yet dynamic in its strides, Indian Spice Oil Industries has made its mark through product excellence and impeccable service. They have a well driven team and an excellent infrastructure to support their growth. Uncompromising approach when it comes to their products, the company has not only appeased the domestic market but has also reached out to countries such as America, China, Europe, Sri Lanka, Singapore, UAE, South Africa, Australia and Dubai.

Kanta Group of Companies

Operational since 1971, Kanta Group is one of the veterans in the essential oil industry. They have an exhaustive list of products and specialized in absolutely pure and natural essential oils, herbal oils, spice oils, rectified oils, Attars and many other products. Their products are well accepted in the domestic as well as the overseas market.