Best Andropause Treatment for Men in Dallas

Andropause is known to be the end of male fertility. This problem occurs due to the decrease in the level of testosterone and other hormones that produce energy in the body. The men who face this problem may find it difficult to conceive due to reduced testosterone levels. Andropause treatment for men Dallas therefore includes hormone replacement therapy or commonly known as HRT.

Exercise is the best way to reduce weight, increase muscle mass and regain your energy. Men with low testosterone levels also face andropause symptoms including lowered sex drive, depression, irritability, muscle loss and weight training. The aim of this article is to discuss ways you can deal with these symptoms and start gaining your former sex life.

Hormone replacement therapy can include taking synthetic hormones. These synthetic hormones are known to suppress testosterone production and eventually result in low levels of testosterone. While some side effects of this therapy include hot flashes, facial flushing and facial hair growth. To minimize these side effects, many doctors also prescribe birth control pills that also inhibit testosterone production.

It is common knowledge that weight training can help in developing lean muscles. To get rid of those extra fats, your doctor may suggest doing cardiovascular exercises. With adequate exercises, you can develop six pack abs and gain your former figure. Proper and safe cardiovascular exercises should include aerobic exercises, swimming, biking, and climbing stairs. There are other benefits of weight training too such as increasing bone strength, decreasing joint pain, improving immunity and controlling blood pressure.

Men who want to address hormonal imbalance and regain their former sex life should consider using an andropause supplement. These supplements contain herbal ingredients that help improve testosterone levels and lower stress levels. They also stimulate the production of healthy hormones and reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety. These supplements are designed to restore hormonal balance and thereby cure the illness.

You can use andropause treatment including natural remedies and hormone replacement therapy. Before starting any therapy, it is advisable to consult with your doctor. This will help you understand the side effects and benefits of the chosen therapy. Andropause therapy includes dietary and lifestyle changes, drug therapy and hormone replacement therapy.

One common and popular andropause treatment is testosterone replacement therapy or TRT. TRT involves administration of synthetic hormones to replace those hormones that are decreasing in men as they age. The goal of TRT is to increase lean muscle mass, decrease body fat and increase muscle mass and strength. This approach has been found to be effective for most men.

Side effects:

  • moderate side effects like mild headaches and mild depression may occur as a result of testosterone levels decreasing.
  • Some additional symptoms include mood swings, hot flashes, decreased sex drive and acne. The severity of side effects may depend on body composition, age and overall health.
  • Some people may have additional symptoms such as increased chance of prostate cancer and diabetes. These additional symptoms should be discussed with your doctor.