Make People Reuse Conference Bags and Help You Advertise Your Brand

What do you do with a conference bag after the conference is over? Keep the goodies and throw it away? Well, not anymore. You can see it for yourself when you exit the conference hall and peep into the trash can. You must know that reusable bags are the most cost-efficient yet the best ways of marketing your brand to the public.

To make sure that people use your conference bag with your company logo on it, you must make it look stylish. Everyone likes cool stuff and stylish bags as they receive compliments for carrying them. If your bag looks lame and boring no one would probably use it.

Where can you buy custom-made stylish bags?

Custom Earth promos are the best place to buy custom-made colorful and well-designed reusable conference bags. It is an eco-friendly company based in Delray Beach, Florida State, the USA that specializes in making reusable bags made from natural and recyclable materials. They have all kinds of bags like totes, backpacks, coolers, insulators, and many more choices of bags for you.

Although, the best bags to fill in with goodies for a conference would be custom reusable shopping bags as they are affordable and multi-purpose. To buy affordable conference bags that people would not throw away, visit:

Ideas for conference bags:

  • Luxury Swag Bags: You can design your bag as luxury swag bags for high-end gift events, music conferences, sports events, and other artistic events. These can be exclusively offered for VIPs or maybe the first 100 or 500 attendees of the conference to encourage the crowd. It is good for sponsorship events and fully-funded events.

One thing that you should keep in mind is that you must fill it with luxury goodies that match the theme of your bag. It is recommended for high-budget conferences.

  • Sporty stuff: You can also hand out sports garments that are trendy in a backpack for a sports conference. A backpack will be reusable and sportswear will also be useful for the attendee. You can also get your logo printed stylishly on the garment for further branding. A cap, a polo t-shirt, a jacket, or more such items can be added.
  • A tech bag: You can fill your conference bag with tech materials like headphones and mobile accessories with your brand logo embedded on them. Your attendees will probably use them if they are of good quality and this will promote your brand name in the market.
  • Food and beverage bag: A cooler bag with a good snack for people to eat post-conference or enjoy it at home can also be something you can give away at a conference. It will be useful for people with a busy schedule. You must make sure that food allergies and diet restrictions are kept in mind.

You can simply give away a wine bottle in a stylish tote bag if you want to use alcoholic beverages as gifts.

  • Bath essentials: A bag full of aromatic soaps and scents will always please a person. Although, you must keep in mind that overly scented products can harm an allergy person.