Hair Loss

3 Things You Should Know Before Your Laser Hair Removal Appointment

Laser hair removal results in smooth, hairless skin that lasts longer than the results offered by many other hair removal methods. You can reduce or even eliminate body hair with laser hair removal. If you’re considering removing body hair with this technique, here are three things you should know.

  1. You Might Require Multiple Sessions

Depending on the size of the area and the thickness and texture of your hair, you may require multiple sessions to see your desired results. However, a single session of laser hair removal Columbia MD can give you hair-free skin and lasts much longer than shaving or waxing. You may even see less regrowth in the weeks following the procedure. However, if you want to reduce or eliminate hair growth permanently, multiple sessions are far more effective.

  1. Laser Hair Removal Has Many Benefits

One reason to get laser hair removal is that it has many advantages compared to other hair removal methods. For example, shaving and waxing can be very damaging to the skin, resulting in razor burn, cut, bruises and skin pulling. By contrast, laser hair removal is much gentler on the skin when performed by a skilled professional, especially as hair regrowth is reduced. Look for a laser center with experience in safe, effective hair removal practices.

  1. How To Care For Your Skin Before and After

Before your appointment, avoid applying lotion, self-tanner, make-up or other skin products to the area. You should tell the person performing your laser hair removal if you use any topical products or have received any cosmetic treatments recently. You should shave a day or two before the appointment for best results. After laser hair removal, do not rub the area or apply any products for the first 24 hours. Avoid excessive sun exposure and alcohol consumption. You can shave between appointments if some hair grows back, but do not wax or tweeze the area.

Laser hair removal is a great way to reduce unwanted body hair. With a bit of care, you can avoid discomfort and get great results.