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3 Reasons to Seek Outpatient Alcohol Treatment

More than 20 million people aged 12 or older struggled with a substance abuse disorder in 2019, according to the 2019 National Survey on Drug Use and Health. The survey from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMSARA) also found that among the more than 139 million alcohol users surveyed, 65.8 million said they had engaged in binge drinking in the month previous.

If this binge drinking is a problem, and you are ready to change your relationship with alcohol, professional treatment is an important part of that journey. For many, this treatment plan will include outpatient rehabilitation. Outpatient treatment is a daily treatment that occurs at a mental health clinic, counselor’s office, or rehabilitation facility. Instead of living there 24 hours a day, seven days a week, you go home each night.

According to SAMHSA’s survey, 1.7 million people received treatment at an outpatient rehabilitation facility in 2019.
But is the outpatient option best for you? Here are 3 reasons why it may just be:

  1. It may cost less.
    Getting treatment for substance abuse is not something we all have money for, and unfortunately, it is not always covered by our insurance providers. That is why for some, outpatient care is the better option because it can often cost you less. After all, you are not at the facility full-time.
  2. It allows you to have access to your support system. 
    Whether this is a good or bad thing will depend on whom you continue to keep in contact with. However, if you stay away from those who trigger or even encourage your drinking, having access to family and friends may be the support you needto make treatment a successful process.
  3. It may make the transition to a sober lifestyle easier. 
    If you are in treatment while still living much of your life outside the treatment facility, you can immediately put into practice some of the skills and techniques you are learning about in treatment. This can be good preparation for life after treatment and will allow you to make a slower transition to a sober life while still having access to the counselors and therapists you’ve been working with and building relationships with.

If you are in need of help and looking for Alcohol Treatment Denver, an outpatient clinic may be the right option for you. No matter what, however, it is essential that you get the treatment you need so that you can live a safe, happy, and sober life.