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Hilton Is Now Banning the Use of Plastic Straws

The plastic polluting our sea waters and endangering the life of countless species of marine life has now spilled over to our own lives, putting our health and the food chain at risk. With around eight million tonnes of plastic entering our seas each year at the moment, this is only expected to triple over of the next ten years, according to scientists.

Hospitality Industry

We are all being encouraged to do our bit to help save our seas by cutting down on the use of plastic water bottles and plastic straws, with Africa, Middle East and Europe all pledging to remove the use of plastic water bottles (20 million) and straws (5 million) every year. The famous hotel chain Hilton is also looking to reduce the impact the use of plastic has on the environment around us by removing the use of plastic straws altogether.


These straws will be replaced with biodegradable paper straws across 650 of the company’s managed properties by end of this year as part of an initiative to reduce impact on the global environment by 50% before the end of 2030. Plastic water bottles will be removed from meetings and events in a bid to reduce the company’s environmental footprint and become the first hotel chain to commit to reducing carbon emissions.

Corporate Responsibility

As part of this initiative, Hilton is also working to send no soap at all to landfill by expanding the programme focusing on the recycling of soap and using only sustainably sourced food and materials, such as cotton, seafood, poultry and meat. Through these actions, it is hoped that more money will be invested into local suppliers and drive positive change across communities.

Keep It Fresh

You can cut down on wasted food by installing a proper catering fridge to ensure it is kept fresher for longer. There are examples available at to suit the most exacting of requirements, and the benefits are clear to see.

Play Your Part

You don’t need to have the resources of the large conglomerates to play a part in the efforts to reduce the plastic pollution of our seas. Just think twice before you buy a bottle of water or select a straw when you go out for a drink! Every little bit helps.

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