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How to Pass a DIY Drug Test in Time for an Official One

An upcoming test is no cause for concern provided you have an effective product for complete detoxing within your reach. With the right formula, you will not need to worry about how short the timeframe is. What will matter most is that you use the product as instructed. If you need to have a detoxification plan for the sake of safeguarding an employment opportunity, then you need to take the cleansing program serious — be it DIY or medical detox.


To pass a scheduled drug test, you need to start detoxing as quickly as possible once notified. The appointment could even be the next day! Have no fear because there are fake urine products available online that can help you beat a drug test taking place in such a short notice.


The Need for External Detoxing (Hair Washing)


Apart from the use of fake samples being the best way to pass a urine drug test on short notice for your job, there are cleansers for your hair — in the case of external cleansing. Hair follicle drug tests are considered to be the preferred choice of many laboratories because of their high reliability. However, with a good detox shampoo, you will be able to beat that hair follicle test.


Hair detoxifying shampoo can penetrate the shaft of your hair strands for total cleansing by acting on the follicles. You need these specialized shampoos to ensure there will be no trace of drug metabolites found in the hair samples you submitted. Unfortunately, you cannot submit fake hair as a sample. It is easy to detect.


Hair detoxing is necessary just in case the testing procedure involves two or more types of samples. Other samples that can be collected are blood, sweat, and saliva. If the hair sampling technique is not used, then your potential employer or the lab may go for urine sampling. Urine sampling for psychoactive substance use is considered to be the cheapest.


For other parts of your body, you would need to shave the hairs clean or undergo complete waxing. You can bath with a bathing soap that has strong cleansing agents which are capable of detoxifying the skin and hair strands. You can find such products in the market, but make sure that they are not fake formulas.


For Longer Timeframes


If you have enough days to test yourself with the use of a DIY testing kit before D-day, you have an even better chance. You can get home kits for drug metabolites in the urine from various online stores, but you have to be careful about how genuine they are. You do not want to be misled only to be embarrassed and pondering about what went wrong. Read more about that here.


When notified about a drug test, do not get all desperate by browsing the internet for every possible option for you. You need to know how you can detect the right product in order to cross others off your checklist. Shopping for detoxifiers can be overwhelming because there is a vast range online (brands and product varieties). Just because the product looks legitimate does not mean it is. Read every necessary information about it.


What you are looking for are details about compatibility, dosage, nutrients, and so on. You also need to consider reading reviews and customer ratings. If the review you are reading does not sound like the testimony of someone who has used the product being discussed, move on to another review or product.


Facts about THC and Drug Tests


In recent times, drug tests have increasingly become standard procedure in most companies/organizations. This is because of many reasons apart from recruitment such as disciplinary actions, maintenance of organizational work ethic, insurance issues, and so on. The tests are conducted irrespective of the legalities. Such tests may not have legal backing in your country or jurisdiction, but you would want to comply in order to keep your job.


In many cases, the use of marijuana/cannabis is tested for. Of course, the target component is THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). This is because there are so many users of the drug. Across the world, the figures are reaching millions. This includes people of all age groups (between teenagers and seniors).


Read more about that:


Many people smoke to get “high” on THC or ingest it in other forms such as cooked meals, drinks, pastries, candy, and so on. Most users of cannabis require it for frequent recreational use. Other substances that can be tested for are cocaine, opiates, amphetamines, PCP, etc.


How long THC stays in your body is determined by the rate at which the drugs are used and how much you smoke or ingest each time. The life cycle of tetrahydrocannabinol metabolites in the human body is said to be between 3 – 4 weeks. For first-time users, the drug can be detected in the body within a duration 5 – 8 days. For regular (daily) users, detection is possible for a span of 49 to 63 days.


Final Words…


For the fake samples, get a powdered urine that is easy to use. The store you are placing the order at should have overnight shipping options for the sake of time-consciousness. Follow the instructions on how to make the powdered urine soluble the appropriate way. Remember that the fake urine kit is preferable for short-notice schedules. You should not leave out external detoxing just because you have the fake sampling kit.


The reviews you read must state that the product has a very high success rate. That is when you know that you are on right track. The online store should also have a reputation for handling fast shipping, especially to your location. This is to make sure that you can get your order as fast as possible — before going for the lab appointment.


Do not risk purchasing counterfeit products that will cause you embarrassed and make you miss out on life’s opportunities. Enough research must be done. Your story should not be like that of those who went for home remedies or synthetics that were not “tested and trusted”.