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Potential Negative Impacts of Prolonged Radiation Exposure

Radiation exposure is risky. Some people exposed to extraordinarily high doses suffered from dizziness, nausea, high fever, and eventually succumbed to death. Radiation is too powerful, and it can weaken your body in an instant.

There are things we use each day that emit radiation. These include your mobile phone and computers. They emit small doses, but they could eventually have significant repercussions. There are possible diseases that you might have if you don’t change your harmful habit of using your phone.


There might be more research which needs to be done in this regard, but some reports have shown that radiation can cause cancer. Even the World Health Organization (WHO) listed cellular phones as a carcinogen, in 2011. There is no definitive conclusion when it comes to the relationship between phone use and radiation mainly because cell phones have only been around for broad public use since the 1990s. There could be longer-term risks and threats that we are yet to find out.

Negative impact on the brain

Radiation also affects the brain. It changes the brain glucose metabolism. When increased, it could lead to inflammation. All sorts of brain illnesses could happen. Add to that how the brain reacts to the use of phones. Some people even become addicted to their phones and start to use them regularly, even when not needed.


Some people believe that using educational apps in phones could delay the onset of dementia. Perhaps, this is true. Some games are useful and informative. The problem is that the increased exposure to phones also increases exposure to radiation. Healthy and robust adult bodies may have different reactions. For older people, it could be worse. Instead of delaying dementia, radiation could even aggravate it.

Loss of antioxidant defences

Your body needs antioxidants to get rid of pathogens and keep you healthy. The problem is when you continuously use your phone, it emits radiation; there is a possibility that these defences weaken. For instance, your saliva is your first line of defence from microbial infections. Radiation exposure can drastically reduce the antioxidant levels in saliva. Other parts of your body’s defences could also suffer negative impacts.

Stay protected

There are still a lot of studies currently being conducted on the impact of the radiation on the body. The constant use of phones is just one of the many ways for you to have radiation exposure. One of the best actions is to stay protected. There are protective devices like the ones sold at With the help of these devices, even if there is radiation all over the place, you won’t be impacted. Your body will have strong defences against radiation. You won’t have to worry about your daily phone usage anymore.

You might still be sceptical about the impact of radiation on your body, especially the radiation coming from your phone. Nevertheless, there is nothing wrong if you try and protect yourself.