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Reasons Why You May Have a Stiff or Painful Shoulder

Games are fun, but sometimes they cause suffering. For instance, engaging in overhead activities like throwing the baseball can cause shoulder pains and even hinder your arm from performing as expected. The shoulder has unique anatomy that makes it venerable to primary injuries and malfunctions. For a shoulder in excellent condition, the bursa also works efficiently to ensure that there is no friction between the soft tissues and bones. This implies that if you keep on experiencing some pain in your shoulder, it is time to visit your orthopedic specialist to be treated. An orthopedic doctor is a specialist in the health of joints and bones, and he will help to diagnose and treat your condition. Here are some signs that mean it is time to seek medical attention for your sports medicine clinic in Seattle.

Frozen Shoulder

This condition is also known as the adhesive capsulitis. Shoulder pains, stiffness, and minimal range of movement mark frozen shoulders. When you develop pain in your shoulder, you will tend to reduce its movement to curb the pain. However, this move will only increase shoulder stiffness, which is equally disturbing. When you have a stiff shoulder, the condition is excruciating in the initial stage, but it easies with time. However, it is recommended to seek medical advice as soon as you develop shoulder complication. This way, the orthopedic specialist will be able to prescribe immediate measures that will help to treat your ailment or other emerging issues.

Rotator Cuff Tears

This condition results from straining or overusing your hand especially when playing. Rotator cuff tear weakens your hand and causes pain on the upper part of the arm especially when engaging in overhead activities or when reaching out anything that requires straightening your hand. In severe cases, the pain is unbearable even when resting or sleeping. You can also develop these conditions after sleeping in an awkward position for long. The symptoms of this condition overlap thus making the diagnose process difficult. However, diagnosis can be conducted through MRI or the X-rays to determine the exact cause of your suffering.


Arthritis results in inflammation of the joints in your body causing pain and stiffness. If you have arthritis, the range of your arm movements is significantly reduced due to the stiffness in the joints. The most common types of shoulder arthritis include the rheumatoid and osteoarthritis arthritis. Although this condition might not be eradicated entirely; your doctor will prescribe control measures that will help you to take charge of this condition so that you can engage in your daily undertakings without many hustles. This entails using warm water to ease the stiffness in the joints and taking hot drinks like green tea, which help to curb this condition.


This injury entails the rupture of the cartilage that links sockets in the shoulders. SLAP tears result in deep-sited pain in the better part of your inner shoulder. As such, the hand movements are significantly reduced. This way, the performance, and delivery especially when playing is also reduced.