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Signs It Is Time to Consider In-Home Care Services

Everyone ages differently. One person may find it possible to live on their own well into their 80s and someone else may need care services long before that. There are several signs that may indicate you need to consider if your loved one needs home care services.

Change in Personality and Appearance  

Changes in behavior and physical appearance are a sign your senior loved one needs more help at home. This includes wearing dirty clothes, excessive loss or gain of weight, poor diet, and changes in personal hygiene. All these are signs that their mental or physical status is changing. It can also indicate that the person’s functional abilities are starting to decline.

Unable to Handle Day-to-Day Tasks

If your loved one cannot perform daily tasks on their own, extra help from home care services Massachusetts may be needed. This may include confusion or uncertainty when handling tasks that were once familiar. With in-home care, your senior loved one can receive assistance with many personal needs, including grooming, bathing, light housekeeping, and preparing meals.

Memory Issues

Forgetfulness along with other behaviors related to memory loss is a significant indication of in-home care being needed. Not keeping up with bills and mail, increased confusion, missing appointments, and not taking medication are all indications that a senior may require extra help at home.


Accidents can be very dangerous for seniors. If you feel like their safety is at risk, seeking care professionals for in-home services is a smart move.

If you believe your senior loved one requires any type of professional in-home care services, it is best to put time and effort into finding the right service provider for the job. This is going to help you find someone who can handle the job and provide the care your senior loved one needs.

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