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Signs That Show Time to Visit an Experienced Gynecologist Is Now

If you don’t mind about your health, then, you have nothing else to mind about. Most people haven’t given their health the priority it deserves. Although men also experience some reproductive problems, they are more severe in women. Most women today have come to understand the need to keep their reproductive health in check. Time to feel intimidated or shy for a gynecological appointment is over. Your gynecologist has the best interest for your reproductive health. Before most of the reproductive problems aggravate, there are some signs to read. You may book a monthly appointment with your gynecologist, but you should see them immediately you see any of these signs:


Bleeding or Spotting Between Periods


Bleeding between periods shouldn’t be considered normal. Some people wait for a few days to see if the problem would end but seeing a gynecologist immediately should be the first thing to do. It could be an indication of a serious reproductive problem, but early intervention would be a profound solution. Most reproductive health experts affirm that bleeding when you are not in your menstrual cycle could be an early sign of cervical cancer. The human papillomavirus is associated with cervical cancer most women develop. If you test positive for this virus, you should visit an experienced gynecologist des moines ia has to offer to get a reliable solution at an early stage.


Painful Intercourse


A little discomfort during sex is sometimes allowed. However, the situation gets serious if you have severe pain every time you have intercourse. Feel free always to contact your gynecologist when you discover the loving feeling is diminished. Vulvodynia, vaginismus, and inadequate lubrication are some of the sexual disorders that make intercourse painful. InĀ vaginismus, penetration becomes difficult because of the vaginal muscle spasms. In Vulvodynia, the vulva nerve fibers are hyperactive. According to most gynecologists, pelvic inflammatory disease, uterus fibroids, sexually transmitted diseases, and yeast infections also contribute to painful intercourse.


Horrible Premenstrual Syndrome


Although the premenstrual syndrome is less severe in some women, it can be horrible at times. Bleeding, abdominal cramps, and hormonal changes are never fun. However, they can be quite debilitating sometimes and compromise the quality of your life. Although the reasons for this syndrome haven’t been fully understood, serotonin fluctuations contribute to it. Women with serotonin fluctuations experience feelings such as conflicting sleep patterns, food cravings, fatigue, and depression. Besides having undiagnosed depression, women with severe Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder, an extension of Premenstrual Syndrome, express feelings of anger, extreme moodiness, tension, anxiety, and hopelessness.


Itching or Burning Experience


Itching or burning is usually a good sign of urinary tract infection. Although you could use some antibiotics or a little cranberry juice to ease itching, it could be a sign of a more serious reproductive problem. Itching or burning could also indicate you are suffering from Painful Bladder Syndrome or InterstitialĀ cystitis. You experience some sharp pain from the groin, thighs, lower back, and belly button. Though you could associate the pain with gastrointestinal or stomach issues, visiting a gynecologist would be the best idea.


What you ignore is your greatest adversary. Many people rush to the medical professionals when the situation has turned worse. The signs you see, however slight they may be, deserve your undivided attention. Visiting your gynecologist straight away whenever you experience any of the above signs is a stitch in time that saves nine. Your gynecologist knows a lot about reproductive health than you do, and they know the right treatment for every reproduction health problem.