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Sober Living in Houston Texas

Here at Taylor Recovery Sober Living in Houston Texas, our mission is to help our clients recuperate from substance abuse and see their “life gaining new meaning”. A key standard to fulfil this mission of employees and customers is the commitment to the service of the work and its implementation. At the level of our sober employees and our authorised consultants, meeting our customers’ needs is one of the top priorities in service. It is a well-understood fact in the world of recovery that assisting others not only makes the person who gets help good but also brings great benefits to the person who helps.


Our commitment to service is not limited to Taylor Recovery Center employees but extends to our customers as well. Like the experience of many people in active recovery, when you begin to experience freedom and recovery from addiction, a natural change can occur to seek out forms of retaliation or to participate in service work. One feature of the individualised recovery program our clients obtain at the Taylor Recovery Center to help them perform satisfactory service is the ability to work with a sponsor in a recovery program. Our clients are encouraged to include this in their recovery chart because of its life-changing impact. Sponsors can not only lead their sponsees all the way through a recovery program but also provide prospects to help others.


Another great feature of sober living in Houston Texas experience is that when our clients move for the first time, they meet a community of people from different backgrounds who are struggling for the common goal of rebuilding their lives and staying sober. 65-70 customers call Taylor Recovery home together with three employees on the spot. Our vibrant community of customers and employees warmly welcomes every new Taylor Recovery customer. Our customers will find it easy to make friends, and our community will find satisfaction in helping each other recover or in a simple everyday matter. The service that is expressed through sincere friendships and meeting the desires of others is of high valueto customers and employees in the Taylor Recovery Center.


Pet-Friendly Sober Living Competence


At Taylor, we understand that the unconditional love of a pet can be a true community as you move toward successful healing.


Also, research has shown that pets offer many advantages to caregivers, especially those who recover. Research has revealed that animals can calm, comfort and elevate their human companions. Pet owners who have fine relationships with their pets are constantly reporting a lower level of stress. The bond between the owner and the pet can also facilitate emotional healing and increased self-esteem.


Having a pet not only increases the friendship but also nurtures a healthy level of dependability between the two parties. Fulfilling the needs of pets allows for constant maintenance, which, when implemented, reinforces the work ethic, another important feature that becomes more acute in the recovery process. At Taylor Recovery, we strive to provide our residents with the comfort and services that permit the best atmosphere to grow in their healing.


Outpatient Program


The intensive outpatient program of the Taylor Recovery Center is one of the best in the homeland; and it is taken care by highly qualified and authorised staff. Our consultants are in continuous education and very competent in the treatment of people with recurring disorders.


The Taylor Recovery Center Outpatient Program provides flexible schedules that allow customers to fulfil their responsibilities at home, work or school. Our integrated approach includes yoga, acupuncture and meditation as part of group sessions. Customers and families of clients are intensively supported by passionate and personal advisors to help them recover. The intensive outpatient program includes a weekly multi-family group to assist families gain information and understanding of obsession as a disease. Individual counselling sessions that enable clients to develop their individualised treatment plans that may be harder to work within regular group sessions and individual sessions with our psychiatric specialist and drug management specialist.


At the Taylor Recovery Center, our objective is to take care of the entire person and provide our clients with life skills, education, coping strategies and relapse prevention strategies that enable them to keep up sobriety, live their dreams and experiences, and enjoy a satisfying life.