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What is a Med Spa, and What Are the Benefits of Using One?

Med spas have been growing in popularity for years among men and women looking for more comprehensive care. Most want more beauty care than they receive from their doctor and more medical treatments than they receive in a regular spa. A med spa is often the best solution for such desires.

A med spa — also known as a medi spa or medical spa — is a cross between a traditional, relaxing day spa and a doctor’s office. Visiting a med spa allows you to meet several beauty and health goals in one place. Med spa-goers enjoy the convenience of getting so many treatments under one roof.

It also helps ensure you are receiving the safest and best treatments. All procedures that are considered “medical” are supervised by a doctor or other medical care professional.

What is the Difference Between a Med Spa and a Traditional Spa?

In many ways, they are similar. Med spas aim to offer the same relaxing environment that you expect from a traditional spa. You can also get your regular spa treatments, like your body treatments and facials.
The biggest difference between a med spa and a traditional spa is that a med spa offers additional services. While they do typically provide regular spa treatments, they also offer some that you can normally only receive at a doctor’s office, such as Botox.

The exact services you can get depend on the med spa you choose, as each offers different options. At Del Mar Med Spa, for example, you can enjoy the following:

  • Tanning
  • Lash lifts
  • Face, body, and Brazilian waxing
  • Botox treatments for Crow’s feet, glabellar lines, radial lip lines, forehead lines, and more
  • Eyebrow services
  • Dermal filler
  • Skincare, such as hydra facials and customized facials
  • Permanent makeup

With a variety of services like these, you can walk out feeling like a brand new person.

Is It Safe to Have Medical Treatments Performed at a Med Spa?

Generally speaking, yes. A med spa is overseen by a medical professional or professionals as they provide medical treatments. Before any treatment, you should receive a consultation by a medical professional to determine whether you are a good candidate for treatment. During this consultation, any potential issues will be discussed, and the treatment plan will be personalized to your needs.

Del Mar Med Spa is a good example of this. The business partners with Board-Certified plastic surgeons to ensure the utmost quality and safety. Additionally, there is an aesthetic registered nurse on staff to help provide high-quality treatments. Med spas such as these make your safety the top priority so that you can feel more confident in your visit.

How Do I Know A Med Spa Has Licensed Medical Staff?

Upon visiting any med spa, you can ask to see licensing to make sure the location you choose is safe and compliant. Any med spa that is compliant will be happy to show you this information.

Meet Your Beauty Goals With Med Spa Services

Med spa services are excellent options for those looking to receive several beauty treatments in a safe and relaxing environment. Most treatments can be fit into a lunch break or other tight schedule when necessary. Or — when you have the time — you can spend the day being pampered and beautified. Experience the magic for yourself by booking a consultation with a med spa today.