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What Is Chordee And How Can It Affect Your Life?

This birth defect causes the tip of a male’s penis to curve upward or downward. Chordee is a common birth defect that at least 1 in every 200 infant boys will experience. This defect happens at birth and females don’t experience this problem at all. No one can catch this condition, but it can cause problems for men, if left untreated. Let’s explore this birth defect so that people can get a better understanding of what it is.

Why Isn’t This Birth Defect Commonly Known Among People?


This issue happens a lot more than people think but it is not so common that most males experience this condition. WebMD states that 1 out of every 200 baby boys will be have this defect. There is close to 4 million children being born every year in the U.S. and nearly 2 million of them are boys. That would mean that close 10,000 male babies experience this problem.

Most infant males who have this condition have the problem fixed through surgery. However, quite a few don’t have the surgery and they end up suffering from its effects. Just keep in mind that this disease happens but the average person just does not talk about it or they don’t even know that it is a problem.

Why Is It Such A Problem for Males If Left Untreated?


The problem with this condition is how it impacts a male’s mental state and sexual health. This abnormality will not cause sickness or people to die. Once again, men do not catch this condition from another person. The biggest problem with this condition is how it affects a male’s mind. Remember that not all parents choose to have this problem corrected on their child through surgery. In some instances (though not common) some medical professionals probably cannot detect that it is there until it shows up later in life.

This birth defect is usually the result of the urinary opening developing on the underside of the penis. On a normal developed penis, the urinary opening is at the top of the male’s head which in medical terms is called the meatus. Therefore, the head of the penis curves downward because it follows the path of development of the urinary opening.

When an older male that has this problem, he understands how his penis looks when compared to others; it usually creates fear and dread. This is because he thinks women will find him to be abnormal. This in turn will impact the course of his life in terms of how he interacts with women and how he perceives himself.

Some males with this issue will have to sit down and pee. He will have to urinate in this manner to avoid using the bathroom all over himself. For some males, this is the ultimate form of humiliation. This problem can be corrected but it will usually require 2 or 3 surgeries in older boys and young adult males.

This Condition Can Be Corrected


Males who are suffering from this situation no longer must suffer or feel ashamed of themselves. Surgical treatment options are available. A pediatric urologist surgeon will perform this procedure. They will do their best to straighten out the penal area by relocating the opening of the urinary tract. The surgery is successful, and patients are not required to stay overnight in a hospital to have it completed.