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5 Things to Know Before You Take Herbal Supplements

Herbal supplements are available widely in the market nowadays and they are also called botanicals. However herbal supplements are not a new thing in the market and they have been in the trend for decades in the past.


Herbal supplements have always been in a trend among people because they are dietary supplements that do not cause any kind of Side Effects for the health of the consumer. You can check out the herbal supplements by Harker herbals online.


Herbal supplements are not bad and dangerous for the health because they are made by the extracts of plants full stop plants are being used in medicine for many years. Herbal supplements are not termed as commercial medicines in many cases.


The reason behind this is that the makers of the herbal medicines do have to follow the International standard of production but they do not need to get approval from the food and drug administration when they are marketing their herbal supplements.


In this article, we are going to discuss the five major things that you should know before you consume any kind of herbal supplements.


So, keep on reading to find out more information below about Harker Herbals and herbal supplement information.

 1. Safety:


The first thing that you should know about his weather herbal supplements are safe to consume. It is a known fact that the makers of the herbal supplements do not have to take the approval of the food and drug administration but the herbal supplements are still manufactured under specific standards.


Without following those standards they are not allowed to sell those herbal supplements in the market. So this proves that it is completely safe for you to consume herbal supplements and there is no danger in doing so as they are only plant-based.


They are safe because her brother also used in cooking. You still need to consult a doctor before taking any kind of supplements.

 2. Cure For Cancer:

It is important to keep in mind that you will not be able to find a cure for cancer in any kind of herbal supplement. If any supplement is claiming to be a cure for cancer than do not believe it as it is not true. The only cure for cancer is the standard cancer treatment and that is chemotherapy.

3. Chemotherapy:


If a patient is already going through chemotherapy then they cannot eat herbal supplements at all. Because if someone going through chemotherapy eats herbal supplements then this combination can prove to be dangerous towards their health. Herbal supplements and chemotherapy should never be combined with each other.

 4. Side Effects Of Other Treatments:


The herbal treatments do not cure the cancer but it has been proven that herbal supplements do to eliminate some side effects of chemotherapy full stop, for example, it has been proven that the Chinese root herb ginseng reduces some side effects of chemotherapy such as stress and fatigue.

 5. Chemotherapy:


If a person is getting chemotherapy radiation and taking herbal supplements at the same time than their radiation will become less effective.