Medical Services

At-Home Care Provides Healing Mental Benefits

There is a list of benefits to receiving health care at home. From improved finances to reduced stress, all the positives should be taken into consideration; however, the mental health of the patient should also be assessed, given that it can have a profound effect on the patient’s physical health and healing. Patients receiving at-home care have been known to have increased satisfaction in comparison to patients receiving care at health care facilities. This does not mean that hospitals and other health care facilities are not conducive to healing. But, the patient’s needs and wishes should be at the forefront when planning their healing process and future care.


Maintain Independence


Working with a home care company Winnipeg MB and keeping a loved one at home will allow him or her to be more independent, to make more decisions and to be more active, both physically and mentally. This independence is important in maintaining personal identification and a feeling of belonging, which leads to satisfaction and healing.


Find Comfort in Familiar Surroundings


Being in the comfort of one’s own home while being surrounded by loved ones, years of chosen belongings and memories, and a familiar community has a positive impact on recovery and health. Even if the patient lives alone, casual interaction with neighbors who might not otherwise be able to visit the patient in the health care facility can bring joy and comfort. This is especially important if family is not close by or if loved ones cannot be readily available due to work and various commitments.


Being happy in one’s surroundings and daily life lessens personal stress, which in turn improves the immune system. If a patient is able to remain in their home and go about their daily routine with assistance from visiting nurses and care providers, it could be the best answer to a quicker recovery and a longer, happier, and more independent lifestyle.