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Healthcare: Why Australia is the Best Place To Be

When it comes to healthcare, there are simply some parts of the world you’d rather be to receive your treatments.

Australia is one of those places, with a healthcare system that is unmatched when compared to many other parts of the world.

Whether it’s GPs or specialists you require, the Australian healthcare dynamic is a holistic system that leaves little room for error. There’s great benefit for you when receiving services in this region. Read on to learn more and decide if moving is the best choice you should possibly make.

Breaking It Down

Healthcare in Australia is made up of a combination of both privately and publicly funded facilities. While most is provided publicly with government funding, some more specialized practices only exist in the private sector.

Australia runs off a health insurance scheme known as Medicare. This scheme subsidizes most of the costs involved in receiving health care, provided that the patient is an Australian citizen.

For example, if you needed to see a doctor South Melbourne would have its own section of government funded GPs for you to choose from.

Government Funded

As mentioned, the government funded healthcare sector in Australia involves most hospitals and general practitioners. They operate under the Medicare scheme and run either on private accounts or bulk billing. Bulk billing is generally the preferred route for publicly funded treatments.

A bulk billing doctor in Prahran would, for example, treat you as a patient and send your bills directly to Medicare to claim back the costs.

Private Funded

The private sector of Australian healthcare includes private hospitals and allied treatments.

Physiotherapy and dental care would be considered privately funded forms of treatment. It’s unlikely you would be able to claim these back from Medicare at any point.

The Good & The Great

Australia is also home to some of the most impressive specialists in the world. Over the years they have seen tremendous success in work in the fields of:

  • Cancer research
  • Viral endemics
  • Diabetes

The following are some of their most successful fields that make this such a world class destination to live in.


The study of tumors and cancer, & the medical doctors who does the work, is necessary in every corner of the planet. This illness has spread its reign far and wide & touches almost every family in some way or another.

Australia has dedicated a large portion of its tax budget each year to funding Oncology studies, the goal being to:

  • Further the understanding of the disease
  • Prevention where possible
  • To bring society closer to a cure

The oncology sector of Australian healthcare is where a lot of the world looks when they’re at a loss for information, treatment or prevention tactics. They have been at the forefront of this study and have produced some of the world’s best oncologists.


Another thing that Australia takes very seriously is the health of its youth.

The pediatric sector is largely public funded and run, to ensure that no child goes without sufficient care in their time of need. When in need of a doctor, Prahran as a city would fund the treatment for the child — incase the parents are not able to do so.

The pediatric system is so advanced that many foreigners choose to fly their children into Australia for specialized healthcare. It’s a draw card for those who don’t get that level of care in their home countries.


Australia is known for being one of the happiest, most easy going societies in the world.

If you’ve ever met an Australian, you’ll believe this. They’re notoriously friendly and full of energy.

This is largely due to their homeland also being top class when it comes to the study & practice of psychiatry.

Different to psychology, psychiatry involves the prescription of medicine to balance the neurological function in the brain. In some countries, this responsibility is neglected and prescription drugs are widely available to everyone, even for a slight headache.

In Australia, regulation in this field is so tight that patients get the most accurate and best possible treatment for all their neurological problems.

Regulation—Australia’s Winning Tactic

While we’re on the subject of doctor regulation we should touch on just how Australia manages to keep its healthcare standard so high.

The Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency is responsible for all things health related.

All medical practitioners need to be registered with and approved by this agency before they can even see a patient legally. Regulation of this nature isn’t always well implemented in some countries, with many loop holes and grey areas when it comes to healthcare practice.

Like most things in Australia, this regulation runs perfectly and is taken very seriously by both the state & the people. Licensing is the first thing most citizens check for before meeting with any healthcare professional.

This is a habit many countries should all learn from them.

Final Thoughts

If you take your health seriously, you’ll want to consider taking it to Australia.

There you can have peace of mind that your health is in some of the best hands in the world. The advanced healthcare system of this country makes it one of the best places to be without a doubt.

Australia: the land down under where doctors reign supreme & your health comes first!

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