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How to Quality for a Medicare Supplement plan?

Arizona Medicare Supplement plans are for those receiving benefits from Medicare, Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B, and want to keep their out-of-pocket costs low. All plans are standardized by the government, each carrier must provide the same benefits across each letter plan.

However, insurance companies can charge a different amount for each plan depending on your age, location and other factors. Once you choose a plan that gives you the benefits you need, it’s important to compare rates between the different carriers. That’s where MedicareFAQ can help.

Arizona Medicare Supplement Plans

Again, no matter which carrier you select for coverage, the core benefits will remain the same. Your policy cannot be canceled for any reason, unless you fall behind on your premiums, as long as you enroll during your Open Enrollment Period. The plans are also guaranteed renewable. They won’t be subject to underwriting since you’ll be granted Guarantee Issue if you apply during your OEP. You can find more information on Medicare Supplement Open Enrollment Dates here.

Arizona Medigap plans don’t cover hearing aids or eyeglasses, nor do they provide substantial coverage for private-duty nursing or long term care. Premiums vary by the level of coverage desired. As with any other type of insurance plan, paying higher premiums lowers out-of-pocket costs, while lower premiums mean you will incur higher out-of-pocket costs.

Eligibility for Arizona Medicare Supplements

You should enroll in one of the Arizona Medicare Supplements within six months of turning 65 and being enrolled in Medicare Part B to avoid underwriting. If you enroll during this time, you will not be denied coverage. Your health conditions and medical history are not factored into the equation.

You cannot have a Medicare Advantage plan and a supplement plan at the same. You can apply for Arizona Medicare Supplemental insurance while covered under a Medicare Advantage plan, but you must not be enrolled in it when your plan becomes active. You can find additional information on Medicare Advantage vs Medigap here.

AZ Medicare Supplemental Insurance Carriers

We work with all the top carriers like Aetna, Mutual of Omaha, Cigna, Humana and Blue Cross Blue Shield. Here, we’ll talk about two of the top carriers in the state of Arizona that we’ve worked with.

Aetna Medicare Supplement insurance is know as one of the nation’s leading healthcare benefits company for providing the best personal service, quick claim payments and extensive knowledge and experience. Another well liked carrier United Healthcare, United Healthcare Medicare Supplement plans make healthcare more affordable. They’ve invested a significant amount over the past 5 years in technology, research and development to make the healthcare system easier to navigate. To compare Arizona Medicare Supplement insurance rates between the carriers, give us a call or fill out the compare rates form on our website.

Eligibility for Arizona Medicare Supplement Plans Under 65

If you’re looking for Arizona Medicare Supplement Plans for Under 65, you might have to do a little extra digging. States are not required to make it mandatory for an insurance carrier to offer these plans to those receiving Medicare benefits before turning 65. Arizona is one of the states that don’t make it mandatory, however some carriers do still offer supplement plans in the state to those under 65. Call us to speak licensed AZ Medicare Supplement insurance agent to find a carrier.

The Best Arizona Medicare Supplement Health Insurance

You have to consider your current, and future, health risk to determine which Arizona Medicare Supplement Health Insurance plan will meet your needs. If you’re in relatively good health, you can sacrifice benefits for a lesser premium. If you need more healthcare services, then you would be better met by a plan that offers more coverage. If you’re planning on traveling, then you may benefit from being covered by a plan that offers coverage for emergency foreign travel medical issues.

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