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How to Stay Motivated While Job Searching

A seemingly unending job search can quickly leave you demotivated and unsatisfied. It is imperative you keep yourself motivated in this trying time. Here are some top tips to help you keep on track and on the road to employment.

Treat the Search Like a Job

Treating the search like a job will help you to get into the right mindset every morning and will stop you from burning out. Make sure you dress properly and have prepared yourself for the day ahead.

Set up a dedicated space in your home to work from. If you have no such space, consider going to a local café or library. Working in a distraction-free environment will help you to focus exclusively on the job applications.

Take regular breaks, as you would during a workday, as well as dedicated days off. Bringing routine into your search in this way will make your days pass faster and easier.

Re-assess Your Approach

You should constantly be going over your resumé to ensure you are presenting the best version of yourself to future employers.

Also, consider where it is you are searching for jobs. Do you have any contacts you can reach out to for job leads? If you are using general job websites, consider searching for a specialist recruitment agency relevant to your industry. They may be able to help you find jobs within your target industry faster than if you were trawling the general web.

Furthermore, these specialised agencies often have exclusive adverts; which could lead to the perfect job for you. Don’t miss out.

Ask for Constructive Criticism

Ask friends and family to review your resumé and give you constructive criticism on it. If you have to write cover letters or personal statements for your applications, ask them to review them too. A second opinion can mean all the difference.

Ensure that they know that they can be harsh if they need to. Now is not the time to be sensitive; if they see something they can fix for you, they need to speak up.

If you have attended a number of unsuccessful interviews, be sure to ask for feedback from your interviewers. This will give you some indication of where you are going wrong and how you can improve.

Take Care of Yourself

With repeated rejections, it is easy to form a negative opinion of yourself. Make sure that any time away from your computer and your applications is spent positively. Take one of your days off as an opportunity to indulge in your hobbies and some self-care. If you have a positive mindset, you will find the experience of job-hunting much smoother and easier to manage.

You can also use the time off to better yourself. Learn a new skill or take up a hobby you have always wanted to try. It may even lead to the experience you need to bolster your resumé and make it just that bit more interesting.

Job-hunting may be stressful but, with the right mindset, you will find the entire process much less arduous than it needs to be.