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Important Points To Note About Loosened/Failed Dental Implants in Abbotsford

Dental implants have become hugely popular due to the numerous benefits they provide. If you choose to invest in a quality dental implant, then you can expect a brilliant smile, while the installations remain healthy, whole, and fully functional for at least two or even more decades. The bad news is that some patients who get implants are not so lucky. An Abbotsford family dentist can complete the implant correctly, but if the patients fail to care for them properly, then the outcome will be a failing implant or loosened implant. Below we share some of the causes of loosened implants and why you should consult your dentist.

Loosened Dental Implants after Placement

Patients might experience a case of loosened implants, especially if the replacements are installed too soon. The highly innovative quick load techniques are effective. However, they significantly increase the chances of dental implant failure. Osseointegration is yet another reason for failure. This happens when the implant fuses to the jawbone and soft tissue. In the event that the implant fuses with the jawbone, then it might not be able to hold the restoration’s weight, which eventually leads to failure.

Loosened Implants after the Completion of the Treatment Procedure

Some patients may experience a case of loosened implants several years after the successful dental implantation, which often occurs because of the patient’s poor cleaning routine. It may even cause gum disease to develop. Peri-implantitis and peri-implant mucositis are the implant counterparts to periodontitis and gingivitis, respectively. Just the same way gum disease has an impact on your natural smile by causing the connective tissue to disintegrate, the same situation is possible with dental implants and gum disease. When the connective tissue breaks down, the implants loosen up and separate from the jawbone and gums entirely.

Caring For Dental Implants

Your local Abbotsford family dentist will inform you that the most effective way to prevent a case of loosened and lost dental implants is by properly caring for the implant restorations. It is important that you brush your teeth for two minutes, twice daily. Also, remember to floss your teeth daily. If you’ve got crowns, for instance, you might need specialized flossers that effectively clean in between the implant restorations, and your gums. In addition, you must remember to visit your dentist twice each year for the routine exams. If your Abbotsford family dentist notices any signs that point to gum disease or failure of the implants installed, then he or she will execute techniques to prevent further failure.

When considering dental implants Abbotsford, you should ideally have it completed by a renowned dentist who can guarantee safe, highly effective placement or restoration of your implants. Since the dental specialists complete the procedures in their clinics, they can develop a flawless plan that will ensure that the installed implants remain rooted securely in place for many decades. If you experience any trouble with a loosened implant, you should immediately schedule a consultation with your local dentist. Remember, the right dentist can examine the dental implant, evaluate your options and prepare a plan and efficient repair or replacement process.

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