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Overview on Stinging Insect Allergy

We encounter insects in our day to day lives. However, despite the ecological benefits brought about by them, they tag along disadvantages as well. What one of the most common disappointment features about insects is their ability to sting. When you are stung by a bee, some of the common signs and symptoms are swelling, site developing redness and becoming itchy. However, few people who are allergic to insect stings. Their immune system overreacts to the venom. But why and how does the allergy occur?


For those who have a stinging insect allergy plainfield il, after the first sting, the body produces antibodies known as Immunoglobulin. When stung again by the same insect, the body reacts with the antibody thus releasing the substance that causes the allergic reaction to the victim.


Severe Reaction Sign and Symptoms

The number of people with insect venom allergy is very less in the society. When such people are stung by severally, the allergy may be life-threatening to them. The reaction is scientifically known as anaphylaxis. The signs and symptoms of anaphylaxis include stomach cramps, breathing difficulties, dizziness, tongue and throat swelling, diarrhea and nausea. Additionally, in extreme cases, there may be unconsciousness as a result of a fall in blood pressure.


Therefore, any patient having anaphylaxis, they ought to be handled as an emergency as the situation may be fatal if not controlled as quickly as possible. Additionally, if you are allergic to insect stings, you should seek emergency medical treatment and later visit an allergist to advise you on how to stay safe in future. The safest way of avoiding being stung by an insect is to identify them. Below are some insects that may be fatal if provoked.


Honey Bees


Honey bees are never aggressive, however, when provoked. Contrary, Africanized honey bees found the Southwestern part of the United States are aggressive and may sting you even when not provoked. The bees like attacking when in swarms.


Yellow Jackets and Hornets


Their nests are made up of paper-like material. And they are usually found underground. However, in rare cases, their nests may be found on building walls, cracks, and woodpiles.


How to Prevent Insect Stings


The insects mentioned above will likely sting when provoked. The best way is to stay away and destroy their homes around your home. Additionally, if flying and stinging insects are nearby, you need to keep still and calm to allow them to pass. Always avoid perfumes and brightly colored clothes as the smell may attract insects. Avoid losing fitting garments that may trap insects between the material clothing and the skin. Additionally, avoid walking barefoot while out of the house.


How to Treat the Stings?


If the insect left a sting in your body, remove it within 30 to avoid contracting more venom and gently clean the area. Unfortunately, if bitten, raise the affected part. And after you have done this, slowly apply the cold compress to reduce the swelling and the pain.