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Potential Medical Benefits of Broad Spectrum CBG

The use of broad-spectrum CBG oil is primarily a food supplement, and its main aim isn’t curative dosages for particular diseases. However, we cannot dismiss its potential medical benefits, as most medical research milestones proclaim.


It’s important to note that the legal THC percentage of broad-spectrum CBG is 0.3%, with no intoxicating effects. Therefore, you won’t get high from using such CBG products. However, It’s important to source high-quality broad spectrum CBG products from reputable suppliers.


Potential CBG Medical Uses  


Cannabigerol extracts from high-quality organically grown hemp plants have many therapeutic benefits. This is possible because of their anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, pain-relieving, and antibacterial properties.


Using the standard CO2 extraction process ensures you get products that are free from impurities. From such, you get different pharmacological properties with high medical potential in the following ways.


Anti-tumor Growths


According to a research study published on Carcinogenesis in the year, 2014 CBG showed tumor-inhibiting properties. This was evident in the mouse model and specific tests on colon cancer. The research indicated inhibition of tumor growths, which deters the growth and abnormal multiplication of cancer cells.


There is more research going on to determine if this can translate to the treatment of cancer in humans.




Broad-spectrum CBG protects against Neurodegeneration which results from oxidative stress and inflammation associated with diseases like Alzheimer’s. This is possible through the antioxidation and anti-inflammatory properties, which help in cell loss prevention. The findings are from the test-tube study published in 2018.


Anti-inflammatory Capability


Like CBD and other cannabinoid extracts from hemp plants, broad-spectrum CBG has anti-inflammatory properties. Such is important in alleviating inflammatory bowel disease, a disease associated with chronic digestive tract inflammation.


The preclinical study showed a substantial reduction in nitric oxide production, bowel inflammation, and oxidative stress in intestinal cells. Broad-spectrum CBG has also shown medical potential in other diseases like Glaucoma, anorexia, and cachexia.