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Why You Should Consider Getting a Second Opinion from a Dentist

The old adage “four eyes see more than two” also applies to dentistry. Patients of statutory health insurances are now entitled to a second dental opinion. Many private insurers also support the initiative. And so does others in the Gainesville dental community. If you are looking for a Gainesville dentist, it is OK for you to seek a second opinion if the first one does not meet your requirements. After all, this is ultimately going to be your decision. Your dental health should be focused on getting the best care from the most experienced professional.

Can I Get a Second Opinion?

The second opinion on dental treatment actually does not fall within the scope of your own obligations and responsibility. If you have an upcoming major surgical procedure or extensive dental treatment to be done, it often creates uncertainty among patients. In the first case, they are primarily concerned with medical risks or the question of alternatives. There is also the cost aspect as the patients might have to pay a larger portion of the cost, even with insurance. The opinion of a second dentist can give you certainty or suggest an alternative for more affordable treatment and therapy.

The Second Opinion is Valuable

Some special features in the dental field make the second dental opinion valuable for patients in the truest sense of the word. The health insurers pay fixed amounts for the insured. This means that the insured person has to find the co-pay or out of pocket cost, which could be a considerable amount; depending on the type of dental insurance. This is especially true if the insured is having major dental surgery.

What To Consider

So the question for patients is always whether the result and costs of the planned treatment are worth it. In addition, the prices for dental procedures differ significantly. Some dentists charge on the basis for additional lab time, surgery techniques and equipment used; among other things. But, you should be aware that good quality doesn’t always have to cost a lot.

Have a Discussion

It is best to first discuss your decision with your health insurance company. In this way, you can be certain that the costs will be covered or you will already receive the best advice needed from specialized dentists in order to move forward. A good dentist will inspect your patient file and request copies of past procedural results from a previous dentist. The documents initially serve as an orientation for a second dentist. Together with his own findings, he will then discuss the planned treatment with you, clarify questions, provide information, show alternatives, and, if you wish, draw up his own non-binding treatment and cost plan for you. That is when you can decide.


In many cases, you can get a second dental opinion online and free consultation. Feel free to use one of these many options for a second dental opinion. This gives you more security and saves costs in a wide range of dental treatments.


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