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A Look at Different Psychological Theories and Developments

Most people struggle with some or the other thing. While some are good at hiding their problems, it doesn’t mean they are having a perfectly easy time.


However, when dealing with such problems that make life difficult for you, you always have the option of seeking help. It’s actually something courageous and a sign of self-responsibility, so it’s definitely worth considering if you’re experiencing any kind of mental health issues.


We will discuss some effective psychological theories and modern developments in the field of psychology.


Psychological Theories


Here are some of the most common, major psychological theories in use today.


Analytical/Developmental Theories


These theories involve themselves with the thinking for human development, growth and learning. It provides detailed insight into the motivation for human thought and behavior.


Behavioral Theories


Behavioral theories are based around behavioral psychology, which is also known as behaviorism. Its existence revolves around its belief that all behaviors are developed through conditioning.


Behavioral theories are widely used today to help people develop and improve their skills and behaviors.


Cognitive Theories


It’s basically a set of theories that gives useful insight into different types of mental processes, including learning, remembering, thinking and perceiving.


Broadly speaking, it’s related to the other disciplines like philosophy, neuroscience, and linguistics.


Social Theories


As the name suggests, these theories help understand the different types of behavior specifically related to social topics, such as social perception, aggression, group behavior, prejudice, conformity and more.

However, there’s more to it, as social psychology isn’t just limited to social influences. This is because it’s not possible to understand social behavior without going deeper into social interaction and social perception.


Family Systems Therapy


It’s one of the more unique forms of psychology, and better termed as psychotherapy. Again, as you can tell from the name, it aims at helping people resolving the issues that concern themselves with the family units.


One of the important concepts it’s based around is that each member of the family unit tries to better understand the other as well as the overall group dynamics, while also understanding how their individual actions can affect others in the family.


The premise that works as the foundation of this therapy is that what happens to an individual in a family unit wouldn’t just happen to them alone, but would happen to the others in the family as well.


Modern Developments: Positive Psychology


Positive psychology is the scientific study of factors that help enhance the quality of the life and make it the most worth living.


One of its most important components is eudaimonia, which can basically be termed as “the good life,” which in turn helps understand what are the things and factors that should actually be valued in life; the ones that actually lead to a happy and fulfilling life.


Modern Developments: Mindfulness


Mindfulness is a process that helps bring one to the present, making them shift their focus on the experiences occurring around them now than at any other time in their life.